Nov 11
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So Blair and I have been newlyweds for a little over a year, but I thought this was the perfect project for our new place. I saw this over on another blog, Beantown Baker. She has some great recipes, you should check her out! This idea is super cute and thought it would be a great conversation piece when people come over. We had a blank wall so I took on the project last night and I think it turned out great. The only thing that I was disappointed about was that I wish we had more pins! The whole right side of the map is looking a little lonely. Blair reminded me that we have a lifetime to fill up the map :) Hopefully we will add some places this summer since I have already been throwing out some ideas for vacation! Maybe one day we will change the color of the pins to signify all the places we travel with our kids.The idea of a Newlywed Map is that you mount a map of the world on some foam and frame it. Then you mark all the places you’ve traveled with your hubby. First I ordered a map and some pins online from Mapcenter. Then I bought a 24×36 foam board and frame at AC Moore, I had some coupons so I was able to get a good price too! They didn’t have a 24×36 foam board, but had a much larger one so all I did was cut it down with a razor to make it fit.

Next I used spray adhesive to glue the map to the board. This was definitely the tricky part of the project. The adhesive is stronger than you think! My suggestion would be to do half of the map and then the other half, so we don’t get bubbles in your work. Once it is dry, we placed it in the frame. The next step was the fun part, placing all the places we have been to as a couple. And lastly, Blair hung it on the wall. Super cute if I do say so myself!

Things you need:
24×36 foam board
24×36 frame

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2 Responses to Newlywed Map

  1. tspotter says:

    We really like this map. Kylie and I are creating one as well!

  2. Hilary says:

    We have one that I bought my husband for our first anniversary and it is kept in view to side of our bed so that we can see where we have been and where we want to travel yet:)

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