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Fudgy Chocolate-Chip Toffee Bars16 Comments

These little guys are absolutely delicious and ridiculously easy to make. How easy? Well for starters you use refrigerated cookie dough, I guess if your little heart desires you could swap it out for your own homemade. But why make life more difficult? My co-worker brought these to salad bar awhile ago and I just loved how all the different flavors seemed to meld perfectly together. Of course I immediately asked for the recipe. They are so ooey and gooey, and will fufill any chocolate craving you may have.

Weeks went by and the recipe sat, I am so glad I was able to finally get these into my oven at home one weekend. They were just as good as I had remembered. My husband and all his band members loved them as well, one member even asked to take a baggie of them home. My only complaint (if I had to have one) would be that they are a bit messy, the graham cracker bottom was a tad crumbly. But I think the fudgy layer followed by the chocolate chip layer, and toffee crunch on top makes up for it. They also stay incredibly chewy for a long time. So what are you waiting for? Get on your apron and get these in your oven.

Fudgy Chocolate-Chip Toffee Bars
(Printable Recipe)

What you’ll need:
1/2 cup Butter, melted

2 cups graham cracker crumbs (32 squares)
1 bag (8 oz) Heath® Bits ‘O Brickle® toffee bits (1 1/2 cups)
1 roll (16.5 oz) refrigerated chocolate chip cookies
1 bag (12 oz) semi-sweet chocolate baking chips (2 cups)
1 can (14 oz) Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 tablespoon Butter
1 teaspoon Pure Vanilla Extract
What you’ll do:
Heat oven to 350°F (325°F for dark or nonstick pan). Spray bottom only of 13×9-inch pan with Cooking Spray. Pull out cookie dough from the fridge and let it sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes. Melt 1/2 cup of butter in microwave. In medium bowl, stir the melted butter, 1 1/2 cups of the cracker crumbs and 3/4 cup of the toffee bits. Press mixture evenly in bottom of pan. Refrigerate about 15 minutes or until firm.

In a saucepan, heat chocolate chips, milk and 1 tablespoon butter over medium heat, stirring frequently, until chips are melted and mixture is smooth. Remove from heat; stir in vanilla. Spread the mixture over cracker crust.

In another medium bowl, break up cookie dough. Mix in remaining 1/2 cup cracker crumbs with a spoon until well blended. Crumble the mixture evenly over chocolate layer. Sprinkle with remaining 3/4 cup toffee bits. Bake 25 to 35 minutes or until golden brown. Cool completely, about 2 hours. If you like a firmer bar, refrigerate for about 30 minutes. Cut into squares.

Source: Pillsbury via Debby Horneff

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16 Responses to Fudgy Chocolate-Chip Toffee Bars

  1. These look delicious! They are definitely my kind of bar.

  2. Sasa says:

    Toffee bits…I wonder if I can get something like that in Europe. Is that like toffee flavoured chocolate chips?

  3. Krissy says:

    Sasa- They are just little bits of toffee, more commonly found in a Heath bar, which I think is American made. Not sure if you would be able to find them. Hope that helps!

  4. Lisa says:

    Mmm, anything that’s gooey and filled with chocolate just can’t be anything but good. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog and I’d like to invite you to stop by and link your bars up.

  5. Susan says:

    These look amazing! I love that they are easy and look oh so tasty!


  6. Heath bars are sooo good! I will def. have to try these!

  7. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much for linking these up to Sweets for a Saturday.

  8. Erin F. says:

    These look amazing! Is there something you can use other than the toffee pieces? I am not a fan of the ones available at the grocery store.

    Erin @

  9. Krissy says:

    Erin- I am sure you could leave out the toffee bits and replace with butterscotch/peanut butter chips or your favorite chopped nuts. The toffee pieces in the graham cracker layer could easily be left out and the ones on top just fill in the gaps of the cookie dough.

  10. Krissy- These look amazing! Now I’m craving some chocolate! Thanks for stopping by my peanut butter balls post. I’m following you now. Have a great day.

  11. Desi says:

    This looks delish! I saw these over at Sweets for a Saturday and had to check them out. I like many recipes from your blog… I am your newest follower!

    Check out my blog and follow back if you like!

  12. Allie says:

    Mmmm! I could seriously go for one of those right now! I love the idea of using the premade chocolate cookie dough, that’s so much better than making your own. I will be trying this soon!

  13. Nicole says:

    I so love toffee bars

  14. Bakergirl says:

    These look amazing. I love anything with Heath toffee bits.

  15. I just wanted to let you know I’m featuring your recipe today on my weekly features. Thanks so much for sharing it!

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