Apr 26
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So I promised that I would do an Earth Day post this week since I was preparing a treat for my class. We had off on the official Earth Day, but that isn’t going to stop my school from holding their annual “Going Green Day” today. We have been talking to the kids about the importance of taking care of our Earth now so they can enjoy it later. We have several activities planned for today. Along with that I have made them a delicious dessert. Since I was out for trainings and my vacation, I promised them Dirt if they were good for the substitute. Turns out they were fantastic and apparently kept talking about this delicious Oreo dessert. This time I used individual cups rather than a large trifle bowl. They turned out super cute! I even threw in some gummy worms for a special surprise.

As for my part, I am a big water drinker, especially since I spend a majority of my day talking. I go through a case of water in about a week and a half. So I have decided I am trading in my case for this new water bottle. I saw it in a recent Rachael Ray magazine and knew that this would be a great way for me to be a little more eco-friendly (and also save some $$). We are also planning on joining a delivery service that supports local farmers. Do you have any Earth Day related resolutions?

Get the Dirt recipe here.

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Yum! That definitely looks like something that kids (or me!) would love! What a fun idea for Earth Day!

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