May 06
A Baking Party Cake5 Comments

I had something else planned for you today, a quick and easy way to jazz up brownies, but let’s just say I bumped it for my older sister’s sanity. You see, Saturday is my niece, Ella’s birthday. She is turning five years old, a whole hand! I can’t believe she is going to be that old already. Seems like just yesterday I got the phone call that she braced us with her presence.

Today she is having a baking party, I am sure my sister found the idea from our friend’s blog, Studio Lime Design. My sister asked me to come over after work and help decorate Ella’s cake. Well Ella was beyond excited that her aunt “The Dainty Chef”, she supposedly brags to her friends about me, was coming over to help decorate her cake. I told her I would snap some photos of her and she asked if she was going to be on the blog. I promised that her photo would appear. So of course she ran to the bathroom to brush her hair prior to the photos. So I figured she would be asking my sister nonstop about the post so I had to make it a priority.

On to the cake, this was a collaborative effort by several of the women in my family. My sister made the cake, a chocolate chip pound cake. I made the frosting and decorated, my mom made the adorable cake topper. I used the easy vanilla buttercream frosting recipe and used pink food dye to get the color to match her decor. We then piped shells around the borders on the top and bottom of the cake. I hope Ella and the girls enjoy the cake. They will also be making pizzas, decorating sugar cookies, and going home with handmade aprons made by my fabulous mom. What a fun party, I will be making an appearance and checking out all the fun. Happy birthday Ella, I love you!

Cake recipe here
Frosting recipe here
Instructions on cake topper plus baking party PDF here
Awesome apron picture here

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5 Responses to A Baking Party Cake

  1. You’ve written a sweet essay. This post has “soul” — something that is sadly missing from blogs that simply re-post recipes from other sources. Thanks for posting from the heart. **Buzzed**

  2. Sook says:

    How fun! Love the cake and it’s PINK! :)

  3. Adorable! Thanks for submitting it to Sensational Sundays!

  4. Kate says:

    Adorable cake — one of my favorite party themes! And thanks for shout out, Krissy!

  5. Charenn29 says:

    really like it, so cute!

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