May 30
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Searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe is like searching for the perfect man. Thankfully the man part for me was easy, but finding the best cookie recipe has provided me with a challenge. I do thoroughly enjoy the chewy and have yet to try the NY times version, but I still like trying new versions because there has to be the “one” out there, right? I have tried a few more versions after the chewy and was thoroughly disappointed, I did not think they were blog worthy at all. Then I stumbled upon this recipe and thought I would give it a whirl. Yum. Soft, chewy, and so delicious. Something magical happens with the vanilla pudding mix in the dough and turns into an awesome cookie. According to Blair this is his favorite and mine too.

Clearly I had to take it a step further and use these cookies in one of my all time favorite ice cream desserts. The chipwich. I first made chipwiches at home after my friend’s wedding, they were butlered at her reception during dessert. We used the same caterer why didn’t I think about it for my own wedding?? I couldn’t stop thinking about them so much that I made sure they were on the menu for my brother’s wedding. I guess the reason why I love them so much is they give me a hint of nostalgia. I remember riding my bike to the Wawa (amazing convenience store in the northeast area) and getting a chipwich. Oh and we already know about my love for ice cream so this dessert is a no brainer. What are you waiting for?

Your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe
vanilla ice cream, store bought or homemade
mini chocolate chips

What you’ll do:
Remove ice cream from the freezer and allow to soften. On a dish or in a bowl pour some mini chocolate chips. Lay cookies on a work surface with the bottoms facing up. Scoop a layer of vanilla ice cream on one cookie and press the other cookie on top. Roll the sides of the cookie in the mini chocolate chips. Freeze for about 15 minutes or until you are ready to serve. I stored mine in a tupperware container with wax paper in between layers.

Source: cookie recipe by Two Peas and Their Pod

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