May 18
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Do me a favor and don’t every watch Food Inc., Blair and I watched it last summer and were incredibly disgusted with the content. It is terrible what they are pumping into our food. After watching, I swore that we would go completely organic. Unfortunately, organic didn’t necessarily fit into our budget at the time.

In comes Panache Food. A home delivery grocery service offering organic food that won’t break the bank. I read about them in the weekly newspaper that my town delivers to its residents. I immediately inquired about their services. At first, they were offering 3 different size produce boxes that can be delivered to your house once a week, then I found out they started offering organic meat, eggs, and milk. Score!

I placed my first order last week and got my first delivery last Thursday. I ordered some organic chicken and some ground beef for dinners this week. I also ordered the small harvest box which had a good variety of produce in it (all my goodies pictured above). I am so happy with this option that I have signed up for weekly deliveries. I am happy to be supporting local farmers and also happy to finally be eating organically. Not to mention my menu planning for the week and my grocery shopping time was almost cut in half since I knew I had things being delivered to my front door. If you are local, you should definitely check out their website and contact Sandra to see if they deliver to your town. I promise that you will not be disappointed!

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