May 04
The Dainty Gardener?2 Comments

Last week I spent my last day of spring break planting my herb garden. I have never planted anything before so we will see if I have a green thumb or not. Many times at the grocery store, I spend so much money on fresh herbs for one recipe. I do try and find things to make that will use similar ingredients, but sometimes it is not in the cards. So I thought I would make the investment and buy some supplies for my own little garden. I also love the idea of being able to go out my back door and snip off just the amount of herbs I need.

I went to my local Home Depot and first got some advice from one of the workers there. I told them my plan and goal for my garden, then they steered me in the right direction. I had my eyes on these gorgeous colorful pots, but they were a tad over my budget. Instead I opted for two window boxes. I bought some organic soil and bought the plants. I chose the herbs that I tend to use the most when cooking. Here is a list of what I planted:

basil- Rachael Ray chicken
parsley- Stuffed meatballs
cilantro- Pineapple & black bean salsa
dill- Tzatziki
mint- stayed tune for papaya & feta salad!
rosemary- Walnut & Rosemary chicken

The herbs already smell incredible and I can’t wait to use them in dishes that I linked above, plus many more recipes I have yet to try :) We will see if Blair and I pursue our idea of planting some tomatoes in the backyard as well. We just need a free weekend to dedicate to which these days we don’t seem to have many. Are you planting anything this spring season?

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2 Responses to The Dainty Gardener?

  1. I planted herbs this year, too, for the very same reason. I spend so much on fresh herbs in the supermarket. I’m most excited to make some fresh pesto with my basil. Yum!

  2. I have herbs too. Try to keep your plants from flowering so you get the max time out of them. I had dill and cilantro last summer and when they went to see I collected the seed in ziplock bags and replanted the seeds in March this year. I had huge success with mine! I need to take a newer picture for my blog so you can see how big the plants have gotten.

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