Dec 26
A Year in Review: The Best of 2011 Our Favorites1 Comment

I won’t be around later this week so today I am sharing with you our very favorites from 2011. Blair and I came up with individual lists, then we compared ours to one anothers. It was a tough decision, but we finally got it down to the top ten! We tried so many great things this past year so without further ado, here are our favorites. Later this week, I will be sharing the most popular recipes from the year!

First up are these Chicken Enchiladas. They have quickly become one of our favorite meals. They make an ordinary dinner night into something extraordinary. We serve them to friends and love to eat them as much as possible.

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This Strawberry Lemonade was how we kicked off our summer. I made it right before Memorial Day, we enjoyed sipping it throughout the summer while we grilled out.

Orange Chicken

I knew I would win Blair over with this Orange Chicken. He loved to make take-out at home in CT, when he walked in the night I made this I think he fell in love with me all over again.
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These French Dip Sandwiches made in the crockpot quickly got my vote for a delicious and easy dinner for Zumba night. Blair said he wouldn’t mind eating them on a weekly basis. Crunchy bread, tender meat, and gooey cheese, what is there not to love!

peach (1 of 1)

Having a grill for the first time this summer, we took full advantage. I really embraced peaches this summer too so this Grilled Peach Salsa was awesome.

Smoky Pork Tinga Tacos was another easy crockpot meal that I served to some of my friends. I loved the addition of the potatoes, and it was a nice change-up from a traditional beef taco.

grilled (1 of 1)

Yes another Mexican dish, these are mindblowingly good. They are now my go-to fajita recipe for the entire summer. I truly wish I could make these Grilled Chicken Fajitas all year long.

Obviously we needed to choose some sweets as well. I made Cookie Dough Truffles for a Valentine’s Day treat for my family members, but Blair mangaed to keep some for himself. Safe, raw cookie dough coated in chocolate….heaven on earth.

White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies

White Chocolate Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies
quickly stole my heart and tastes exactly like Fall in one bite.

And last, but definitely not least is Tres Leches Cake. My co-worker first told me about this cake and I knew I had to have it. I would call it life-changing. It has also now become my birthday cake and it is not even chocolate!

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