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Sometimes I DIY: Wood Shelves1 Comment

 In case you forgot, Blair and I purchased our first home back in October. We were fortunate enough to not have anything major to the house in terms of updates. The kitchen was done, the bathrooms updated, and brand new flooring was put in throughout the house. Of course, I have found myself keeping rather busy with decorating and making it homey. I have been taking full advantage of my time off this summer. My first project on my summer bucket list was to tackle our family room/main living area. It was a hodge podge collection of things. I thought it might be fun to share some of the DIY projects I have been taking on!

 First up are these salvaged wood shelves that I loved once I saw them in West Elm’s catalog. I loved the vintage feel of them, but did not love the price tag. I have been trying to be bugdet friendly when it comes to decorating. I asked my friend Crissy if she thought I would be able to DIY them, she gave me the confidence I needed to tackle them at home. I went to Home Depot with a picture of them and found someone to help me. I told them that I wanted to recreate these. I ended up getting a piece of wood for $1.98 and the man who was helping me cut them for me. I then found some brackets at Loew’s that I loved, each of those were $5.00.  So with the piece of wood and 4 brackets, all in all the project cost me a total of $22.00. I didn’t take any step by step photos, but I will include the measurements below of the wood. I ended up using stain from my tabletops for my photographs, I used the color Red Oak. After a quick sand and a stain, I was ready to attach the brackets. Blair ended up hanging them on Saturday for me. I just love how they turned out.

Now of course, if you are on Pinterest, you have seen this photo from Pottery Barn floating around . I wanted to replicate it as best I could. I ended up purchasing several Ribba frames from Ikea and some other random frames I had, I spray painted black to match. I then filled them with various photos of us with our family members, plus some photos of just the two of us. Waiting to add one of my new nephew who is supposed to arrive August 1st! I got the photos developed at Ritz camera and ended up going with a matte finish because I don’t like the glossy finish on black & white photos. The “R” was a $2.99 find in line at Home Goods, I ended up buying the letters for the word EAT for the kitchen as well. I have several other DIY projects to share with you soon. The family room is almost complete, my mom is making us curtains, hopefully covering an ottoman, and making some throw pillows for us. I am on the hunt for a green throw and then my family room will be complete. Now my wheels are turning for our master bedroom.

What you’ll need:
Two pieces of wood:
1 piece 36″ wide x 8″ diameter x 1.5″ high
1 piece 48″ wide x 8″ diameter x 1.5″ high
4 decorative brackets- I used these
Stain of your choice- I used Minwax Red Oak
Ribba frames- Ikea

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  1. Barb Tighe says:

    Hi Krissy! I’m friends with Melissa and Cathleen (via swim team naturally!) Love your blog! Your house is too cute! Thanks for the inspiration today!

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