Dec 19
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Back in college, I was known on the swim team as “Grandma.” I am not quite sure how it all started, but I believe I was given the name the night I helped out a friend. My friend wanted to hang out with a boy (in the middle of the week, mind you), but wanted some initial company and like any friend would do I went and brought my homework. I sat there while the two of them drank and chatted, and I read my articles for class. From then on I was known on the team as Grandma.

It didn’t help my case that I would start yawning at parties at 10:00 pm and that some weekends I just wasn’t in the mood to drink all those empty calories to not end up getting drunk. To this day, I still have some guy friends poke fun of me at weddings and other gatherings. Alas, my nature has always been that of a Grandma, I do find pure joy in being in my jammies at a reasonable hour, cuddling on the couch with a loved one, and drinking a warm beverage of choice. Call me lame.

A few weeks ago on a rainy Sunday, I had made this hot chocolate mix. Blair has a fire roaring and I made us some hot chocolate. I sat on the couch reading my book thinking my life at this moment is absolutely perfect. I am very easy to please :). This hot chocolate mix is rich and decadant, it will make anyone happy. It will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It comes together very easily and wraps up to be a perfect holiday gift. So whether you are a Grandma like me or just like a cozy night at home, this makes the perfect chocolatey winter dessert for yourself or loved ones!

Hot Chocolate Mix


2 vanilla beans

4 cups granulated sugar

24 oz high-quality semisweet chocolate, coarsely chopped

9 oz bittersweet chocolate, coarsely chopped

2 cups Dutch process cocoa

What you’ll do:

Place the sugar in a large bowl. Split and scrape vanilla beans and work the seeds into the sugar. Cover the pods with sugar, cover tightly, and let sit overnight at room temperature.
The next day, use a food processor to process the chopped chocolates until finely ground. Remove the pods from the sugar and add the vanilla sugar to the food processor, add in the cocoa powder and process until all ingredients are combined. To serve, heat 2 Tbsp of mix with 8 oz of milk over medium heat.

Source: Confections of a Foodie Bride

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