Feb 20
I’m lovin’ it: February edition2 Comments

Last month, I shared everything that I was loving in the month of January. Here we are with the February edition. I like how the month seems to be moving along because it means we are that much closer to spring! Here are a few things that have recently caught my eye!

My sweet friend, Bethany, gave us some return address labels from Erin Condren when we first moved into our house. Many of you are probably familiar with Erin because of her life planner she sells. It is coming up on the time that we need to reorder and I will definitely be getting another set of these adorable labels!

As I mentioned last week, I have been trying to get myself together with some house related projects. Over the summer, I had ordered  prints from Freshline Illustration for my kitchen. Colleen was great to work with and she was able to match my color scheme perfectly (blue and yellow). I got a set of 3, the whisk that says “Made with Love”, a mixer that says “For the Love of Baking” , and a rolling pin that says “Everyone loves to be kneaded.” I absolutely love them and they remind me of the reason why I am in the kitchen. We framed them and hung them right next to the oven.

Another print that I ordered, was from Chelsea at Two Twenty One. She has a colorful one on her blog as a free printable, but the blue one went better with our bathroom’s color scheme. Can you tell that my favorite color is blue? We framed it and placed it on a little shelf in our upstairs bathroom.

Dry shampoo, where have you been all my life? I really didn’t think that I was going to be able to get away with not washing my hair every day, but it is amazing how your hair will eventually adapt. I was a little worried initially because I didn’t think that it was working at first, but I stuck with it and am really happy with the results. This girl is now thankful for those 10-15 minutes of sleep in the morning.

Over the summer and after our big trip to Europe, Blair and I decided to hunker down and get our finances in order. We started budgeting which luckily I have never had to before in my life. After some research, it seemed that mint.com was the best option for us. I was a little scared entering my information into a website, but I have been so happy with it. It made the entire process incredibly easy. We saw the breakdown of where our money was going and where we needed to cut back. We set a goal so we could transfer money and start saving for kids. I highly recommend checking it out!

Blair and I have a tendency to open a bottle of red or two over the course of the weekend. My current favorite is this Mark West Pinot Noir, it is under $10 and is so delicious. I love to enjoy it with many meals.

Blair and I stuffed each other’s stockings for the holidays so we did only small gifts. I absolutely love the new garlic press that he bought me. I used to hate when a recipe called for garlic and I would dread using the one I had. What was even worse was the clean-up involved with it. Since Blair does all the dishes, I know why he picked out the Zyliss Susi Garlic Press, it comes with its own cleaning tool! Now we are both happy campers.

And finally to round it out, if you haven’t been watching this, shame on you! I adore Claire Danes and when I watch her act, it reminds me of the younger years watching My So Called Life. Homeland is thrilling and action packed. We usually only watch one episode at a time for many shows, but with this one we have been glued to the television.

Anything you have been loving lately?


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2 Responses to I’m lovin’ it: February edition

  1. Caroline {TheBarbeeHousewife} says:

    I am obsessed with Homeland! It is so great, and I love the printables, what a great idea!

  2. Kelsey says:

    I love Homeland! The first time I watched, I was not so sure Clair Danes could convince me. It took all of three minutes for me to be 100% sucked in!

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