Apr 22
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Another month just flying by, it is alright with me because that means we are close to the summertime! I can’t wait to go to the beach again! Here are some of my favorite things this month, comment below any things that have caught your eye lately:


When the temperatures finally warm up in NJ for spring all I want to do is wear bright colors. I was so excited when I spotted this floral cardigan from Loft, I just had to add it in to my wardrobe. It is lightweight, pretty colors, and of course I love the floral design!

I know I posted about nail polish last month, but unfortunately my sister realized that she never got her birthday bottle back. I was in the grocery store makeup aisle when I spotted this L’Oreal Pistachio Dream, it was cheap so I threw it into the cart. It has been on my nails ever since.

Recently my favorite way to de-stress after work is to take a ride to Barnes and Noble. Blair and I used to go all the time when we were dating to look for new books, but ever since we got our Nooks are trips are few and far between. I usually end up getting a Light Mocha Frappucino as a treat and drinking it while I read the latest Us Weekly. I then put the magazine back on the rack, it’s a pretty genius idea and I am mad for not thinking about it sooner. Just please don’t rat me out ;).

Pandora is obviously not new to anyone, but if you love musicals, I suggest making a channel of your favorite ones. I recently made a Wicked channel and it has been playing some of the best Broadway stuff. I was/am still really into musicals, it was always my Dad and I’s special thing to go to different plays when I was growing up. Now I drag Blair to as many as I can. Wicked is coming to Philly again this summer and we will see if Blair will go with me again!

My lunches have been boring me lately. Usually around this time of year is when I get sick of everything that I have been packing all year and try to seek out new ideas. I snatched up some of these Wholly guacamole 100 calorie packs and they have been the perfect addition to some tortilla chips.

Over Easter weekend, I had a few days off so I ran some errands. I have been wanting to update the rug and decor in our downstairs bathroom for awhile and I finally did it. I have been loving all the items from the Threshold line at Target. It kind of makes me want to change other things as well. I found this rug, hand towel, and rhino (channeling my inner Young House Love here) to spruce up the bathroom. It brought some color into a drab room and I can’t help but smile every time I go in there.

My newest place to shop for jewelry is Forever21. I find the best deals there and I can go in with $20 and come out with at least 5 new pieces of jewelry. This chevron necklace is a recent favorite and it cost me $2.50, score! I tried looking for it online, but couldn’t find it, check your local stores.

And finally these salted pretzel milanos have been my weakness ever since my sister told me about them. They are the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Milanos were an all time favorite of mine growing up. I just need to make sure I don’t find myself in the cookie aisle week after week at the grocery store.

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