May 01
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Wee, it’s almost Cinco de Mayo, which means that I have an actual excuse to drink chug margaritas. We are celebrating this year by attending the baby shower of one of my longest friends. On Saturday night, Quatro de Mayo, we will joining forces with the two couples that we have monthly dinner club with. We are not going down the traditional route of having Mexican, but instead we are celebrating with a wine pairing party. I have been looking forward to it all week long.

My friend, Katie and her husband Loren are the hosts and they have done this type of dinner before. Katie was responsible for looking at each dish each couple was bringing and pairing it with a wine. Each couple is responsible for two dishes and the two bottles of wine. I will be making a spring cheese dip that I hope to share and some amazing cupcakes, well at least my hopes are up that they are amazing. Hopefully the weather will be glorious and we can enjoy one another and beautiful weather.

If you are celebrating at all this weekend, I thought I would put together a list of my Mexican favorites. So without further ado here is what made the list:




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