Jun 12
I’m lovin’ it: May edition (a little late)1 Comment

My coworker reminded me that I hadn’t shared my favorites for the month yet. Since I don’t have many recipes saved up at this point, I figured it was the perfect time to do it. Here are things that I have been loving lately:

These pants from LOFT, they are totally out of my comfort zone, but I just needed to have them. The day I wore them to school, one of boys asked me why I was wearing my pajama pants, oh second graders. They kind of feel like pajamas because they are so comfortable, I kind of want to wear them every day.

It is finally swim suit season! I recently took advantage of the J Crew bathing suit sale and snagged this one for 30% in the color Byzantine Blue. I’m not quite sure if I will be able to pull off the high waist bottoms like the model, but I ordered a back up option just in case ;).

A few months ago when we were traveling, I picked up a copy of the HGTV magazine. I loved it so much that I had Blair change my subscription of Food Network (for some reason I was getting two copies) over to this one. It if full of ideas for your home and most of them are affordable and manageable. I made the striped pots for our front porch from the most recent cover (see picture below).


Our town. Seriously I love it. We have 2 different farmer’s markets, one on Saturday and one on Wednesday evenings. I recently took a cooking class at The American Table where I found out about a Food swap event. I also learned that Blue Moon Olive Oil and Vinegar does free tastings that seems like a really fun night out. The above picture is a salad from Kevin’s Salad Station, he is at the Westmont Farmer’s Market on Wednesday nights.

In Monday’s post, I mentioned my aunt was visiting from TN. When you put my mom and her together, they are always tackling some project. Lately, I have been the one reaping the benefits of their awesomeness. Above is a picture of the upholstered headboard they made Blair and I. My mom and I need to finish off the buttons, but I absolutely love it and can’t wait to get it into our bedroom. My mom got the fabric from Joann’s, it is a pretty grey linen.

I love summer television, it reminds me of the summers I would spend in CT. We would get hooked on the Bachelorette and So You Think You Can Dance. I am liking Desiree a lot so far, I wasn’t sure that I would. So You Think You Can Dance is still in the early stages so of course I don’t have any favorites just yet.

And for my local readers, I thought it might be fun to start showcasing my favorite restaurants in the area. We have dinner club with two couples and we try lots of new places. First up is Blair and I’s absolute favorite, IndeBlue. They recently opened a new location in Philly as well. This is our number one spot for date night. Blair got me into Indian food back when we first started dating. The staff there does an awesome job of making recommendations for Indian food virgins. They have a great deck and of course it is BYOB. If you are going on a weekend, make sure to make reservations because they book up quickly!

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  1. Joelen says:

    Great stuff highlighted! Seeing the project you did for your door and the headboard your mom/aunt did makes me want to check out the HGTV mag. And count me in on the Bachelorette – its one of my guilty pleasures. I also am digging the salad in a cup. What a great way to eat a salad on the go lol!

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