Aug 14
I’m lovin’ it: Summer edition1 Comment

We have had an awesome summer so far, but I am really looking forward to the fall. I am not really all that excited about the new school year yet, but rather the fashion, the weather, the apples, and fire pit nights. Here are some things that I discovered over the course of the summer. One thing that will be missing from the list is my recent obsession with Jersey tomatoes and peaches. Last week our menu consisted mainly of recipes with tomatoes.Peaches have been a daily snack of mine with some cheddar cheese, a heavenly combination. I will be sad to see the peaches go, but I will definitely be enjoying those tomatoes until the bitter end!

Ever since my Zumba instructor stopped classes, I have been slacking in the workout department. I had tried a Pure Barre class awhile back with my sister, but we had just purchased our house and it was not in the budget at the time. They recently opened a new studio in the town next to mine, so I have been going and I am now hooked.   It is very low impact which could be a bonus in the future, but man is it a workout! The only drawback is that it is really expensive, I am hoping they offer a fall special so I can continue it!

Blair and I are caught up on all of our favorite TV shows so we needed to find some new ones to entertain ourselves on weeknights. We started watching House of Cards, we just finished season 1 and now I need a new show to watch since we are all caught up. It is scandalous and I really hope that this is not really what goes on in politics.

A show that I have been watching by myself has been the new ABC drama, Mistresses. It randomly came on after The Bachelorette and I found myself immediately addicted. Call it a guilty pleasure. And it is not nearly as trashy as I thought it was going to be, ha!

I mentioned that I am excited for Fall fashion so of course I have done a little shopping. My very first purchase were these flats on a trip to Target. Somehow I always manage to pick up some type of clothing or accessory while I am there. These are a little out of my comfort zone, but I am excited for the cooler weather to start wearing them. Just a small note, they seemed to run a little big so definitely go down a size.

Speaking of fashion, have you heard of Stitch Fix yet? I am obsessed, even though I have received only one “fix” so far. I heard about it on so many blogs that I finally signed up! There is a waiting period, but I have a referral link if anyone is interested! The gist is that you create a style profile and a stylist will send you 5 items based off your profile. It is sent to you,  play dress-up you try everything on, keep anything you like, and send the rest back. There is more information on their site.  I am currently waiting on my second fix to arrive and I am so excited!!

Sara Bareilles is one of my absolute favorites. I have been listening to her new album, The Blessed Unrest, on repeat.

And finally, Songza. My friend Amanda told me about this and I have been using it constantly. When I am not listening to the above, I have been streaming this both on my computer and on my phone. I love that there is no thinking involved, you choose your activity, your mood, and it generates a playlist for you. It would be great for entertaining purposes as well.

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  1. Ashley | Spoonful of Flavor says:

    I love Pure Barre, but I do agree that it is pricey.

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