About The Dainty Chef

Hi, I’m Krissy, the cooker/baker/author/photographer behind Dainty Chef. By day I am a fourth second grade teacher loving every second of my job. At home, I live with my wonderful husband, Blair, who also serves as my number one taste tester.  I have always loved to bake because of my amazing mother who has taught me everything I know. She is the most creative and craftiest woman I know, I like to think that some of that has filtered down to me. It wasn’t until after college that I continued to expand my horizons with cooking. I love to search for and try new recipes from all sorts of outlets.


About the Blog

I started this blog as a hobby in the summer of 2010. It truly started as a way to archive my favorite recipes that I was stumbling upon, but now I hope to share delicious recipes with you! Not all of my adventures in the kitchen are successful, but I believe that has helped me grow as a cook. I hope you enjoy reading my culinary journey!

In August of 2012, I was asked to become a contributor for HuffPostTaste which is part of The Huffington Post. It was a huge honor and I gladly accepted this new position. You can follow my posts here.

About My Photography

I started this blog owning a traditional point and shoot. Last September for my birthday Blair surprised me with a DSLR. I use a Canon EOS 30D primarily with this lens. He did a lot of research and discovered this lens was what most food bloggers use. I am still learning and plan to take some classes in the near future, but I am proud of my progress so far.


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