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Apr 19
Chewy M & M Cookies2 Comments

When I was in 7th grade, I traveled to Annapolis for a “B” Buster swim meet(I won’t go into details about what that means, but it was meet for the slower kids). It was one of the most memorable swimming … Continue reading

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Mar 09
Cookies & Cream Cookies3 Comments

The very first thing that I ever learned how to make was chocolate chip cookies. I remember begging my mom to make them all the time and now my 11 year old sister is following in my footsteps. All she … Continue reading

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Dec 16
Chocolate-Peppermint Thumbprints3 Comments

One of the most joyous things about being a teacher is watching the growth of your students over the course of the year. I just felt like it was time to share my own personal growth with my photography. A … Continue reading

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Nov 25
Chocolate Chip Cookies11 Comments

Are you completely stuffed from yesterday like I am? You will find me lounging on the couch all day or if the spirit moves me, decorating for Christmas or checking off some house projects from my list. I can tell … Continue reading

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Sep 16
Brownie Cookies9 Comments

Meet the Brookie or the Crownie, honestly does the name even matter, these cookies are too good to be true. I won’t tell anyone that you are currently drooling on your keyboard. These will do that to you. You know … Continue reading

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Jun 24
Firework Cookies for the 4th!10 Comments

My mom has always been known for her sugar cookies. She makes them for every single family gathering, I am not joking, if they are missing someone will comment about it. Sometimes she sprinkles them with sugar and other times … Continue reading

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Feb 10
M & M CookiesLeave a comment

I don’t like to have a sad husband and when the cookie jar is almost empty that is exactly what he is. A few weekends ago we didn’t have tons of things going on so I was able to fill … Continue reading

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Dec 22
Cookie Gun Lemon Spritz CookiesLeave a comment

Updated photo 12/17/11 Last year I had a girls weekend in DC with some of my best home girlfriends. We had a fantastic lunch, baked cookies, and watched Love Actually. One of the cookies we tried to make were the … Continue reading

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Dec 20
Chocolate Malt Sandwiches1 Comment

These were the second new cookie recipe I tried out, also from the latest issue of the Food Network magazine. Every since my darling husband spotted these over my shoulder, he had been begging me to make them. He comes … Continue reading

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Dec 17
Chocolate CracklesLeave a comment

Let the holiday baking begin! I promised cookies galore and I am upholding my promise. These are the first beauties I tried out. In my last Food Network magazine, I folded over so many pages of delicious recipes I didn’t … Continue reading

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