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Mar 29
Deep Dish Brownies for Two3 Comments

I pretty much dream about the deep dish cookie pies I made back in November every weekend. If the recipe made just a tad less, I would tackle them more often over the weekend for some Sunday dessert. When I … Continue reading

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Feb 22
DIY: Vanilla Extract3 Comments

Did you know that making your own vanilla at home is incredibly easy? I first set out to make vanilla this past holiday season. I was looking for the perfect gift for my former fourth grade partners, knowing that most … Continue reading

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Dec 21
Sugar Cookie Dough Dip1 Comment

Feeling like you are running out of time as the holiday is right around the corner. I am actually very thankful that this year we have the weekend in between us and Christmas. Usually I work up to the day … Continue reading

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Oct 07
S’mores Cupcakes8 Comments

Last year when I made S’mores brownies, I mentioned how S’mores always bring back memories of hay rides for me. I looked forward to our annual outing with my swim team where we would gather around a campfire roasting hot … Continue reading

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Sep 30
Pumpkin Spice Trifle5 Comments

Last week I promised to hold off on pumpkin recipes until it got a little later in the season, but then I got sent into a panic from some fellow bloggers. Apparently there is a little bit of a pumpkin … Continue reading

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Jul 11
Peanut Butter Caramel Corn2 Comments

Happy Monday! After doing a poll on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, you guys voted for this popcorn recipe first and let’s be honest it is a great choice! My mom has this book called “It’s in a … Continue reading

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Jul 08
Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes7 Comments

Have you ever heard of Tastykake before? If you live in the Philadelphia area you definitely know what they are, they are a company famous for their delicious snack treats. They slowly have expanded to other states on the East … Continue reading

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Jul 01
Graham Slam Ice Cream5 Comments

This ice cream was part of my dessert spread for my Foodbuzz 24 x 24 party, and I would have to say it was quite a popular dish. I got the idea for this ice cream from two places, a … Continue reading

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Jun 24
Firework Cookies for the 4th!10 Comments

My mom has always been known for her sugar cookies. She makes them for every single family gathering, I am not joking, if they are missing someone will comment about it. Sometimes she sprinkles them with sugar and other times … Continue reading

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Jun 10
Black & White Angel Food Cake4 Comments

I know that it seems like I have been posting desserts like crazy, but they are just so yummy. I can’t help it that I love to bake. Now I can’t take full credit for making this particular cake because … Continue reading

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