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Feb 04
Vegetarian Chili3 Comments

I am currently mad at my brother-in-law for suggesting the documentary, Forks Over Knives to Blair. He is entirely convinced that he should now be vegan and we should eat a plant based diet. Yeah, no thanks. I mean after … Continue reading

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Jan 30
Baked Buffalo Chicken Rolls1 Comment

Well the big Sunday game is rapidly approaching and I am sure many foodies out there are planning out their menus. Then redoing it after reading their favorite blogs, Pinterest, etc. I suggested to Blair that we should host a … Continue reading

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Jan 23
Crockpot Rotisserie Chicken3 Comments

 When a recipe calls for shredded chicken, I used to be at a loss as to how I should prepare the chicken. Should I poach it? Roast it? Pan fry it? Buy a rotisserie from the store? All of these … Continue reading

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Jan 14
Creamy Chicken PocketsLeave a comment

This past week was the first full one back after the holidays and it kicked my butt. It didn’t help that there were several other things going on after school hours. I visited a coworker’s baby, started a new class … Continue reading

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Nov 28
Maple Mustard Pork Tenderloin2 Comments

I am quite the sucker for a good pork tenderloin recipe. I often forget about this healthy meat option when planning meals, but then I end up kicking myself once I remember how delicious it is. What I love about … Continue reading

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Nov 23
Creamy Baked Chicken TaquitosLeave a comment

Hope you all are completely stuffed and had a wonderful day yesterday whether you celebrated with family or friends! Our day was lovely and I am looking forward to some more holiday things over the weekend. This will not include … Continue reading

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Oct 29
Skillet Lasagna3 Comments

Well Hurricane Sandy is supposed to arrive today, unlike last year with Hurricane Irene, I didn’t reap any benefit from it. This time I am happy to say that this storm has gotten me off both today and tomorrow from … Continue reading

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Oct 22
Grilled Cheese Rolls25 Comments

  Please bear with me as my site undergoes some construction, I promise it will be very pretty soon! You may have noticed that I made the big switch from Blogger to WordPress so I am still learning the lay … Continue reading

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